Missed Connections: Teasing in the ER, Encounters in the Produce Section

Someone may be searching for you.

For some Thursday entertainment, check out a few singles looking for love on Craigslist. The site's Missed Connections section is the last-ditch hope for those who spied a potential match but couldn't get up the nerve to exchange contact information.

Here are a few recent Roseville postings from this week:

S.B. - you are constantly on my mind — "I can't stop thinking about you. If you are reading these, please leave me some kind of a hint."

E.R. Nurse, Tuesday — "I was laughing as I walked down the hall to the exam room when I saw you smiling at me. While you take care of me, You teased me about the choices I made that left me needing stitches. In retrospect, I wonder if there was something more being said that I missed. And yes I did miss you while you were gone."

Trader Joe's this morning — "For the Lovely Mommy at Trader Joe's Roseville today. You were with your teenage son and caught me checking you out in the produce section. Then you walked up next to me in the frozen foods section. ..."

To the pretty girl at safeway on cirby and sunrise — "It was about 3pm today I noticed you in the produce section you were blonde wearing a sun dress. I was with a girl but she is my best friends girlfriend, I was too nervous to say anything to you, but I think you are gorgeous ..."

Barnes and Noble books — "You - beautiful women dressed in a black dress/skirt on this rainy day.
Being so helpfull and cheerfull, i loved your smile.
Me trying to flirt and stepping all over myself, but still managed to get you to smile, and talk about magazines. ..."

— No edits are made to the Missed Connections posts.

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