Roseville's Tom Wieser Talks About His Fight Against Cancer (VIDEOS)

Wieser explains why he puts "his time, money, and efforts behind the Me-One Foundation as they help families escape from the realities of cancer for weekend."

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The Roseville Press Tribune published an inspiring story Tuesday about Roseville resident Tom Wieser's fight against cancer. We've included a couple of videos of Tom above. Their story starts: 

"[Wieser] keeps choosing to pursue aggressive treatment, which has meant multiple rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries and an endless intake of medications.

To prolong his life for the sake of his wife and four children, Wieser underwent a clinical trial named in his honor by doctors inspired by his story..." 

Check out the Press-Tribune's story to read about the family's journey and the nonprofit organization he and his wife created to allow cancer victims and their families to forget about the disease for a weekend. Full story


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