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The online, user-generated dictionary offers definitions that are at times amusing and truthful, while others can be downright offensive.

Urban Dictionary describes itself as "the dictionary you wrote." We looked up the word Roseville on the popular website and found seven entries. Sometimes the definitions are amusing and truthful, while others can be derogatory and offensive.

The definitions for Roseville vary, some defining other various Rosevilles across the country. The majority of the definitions can be somewhat humorous, ranging from mostly accurate to mildly offensive as well.

Definitions are upvoted and the definition that receives the most votes gets top spot. We've shared it below. Feel free to define Roseville yourself in the comments below this story:

Roseville is subburb near sacramento californiasee ( hell itself ).

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Sharon Crowley February 25, 2013 at 08:26 PM
I read the definitions and it seems the only people who leave comments are those who have never been anywhere else. I left my own definition and here it is: Roseville, CA experienced a huge population growth starting in the 90’s, mostly people coming from the Bay Area in search of affordable homes, safe environment, and good schools. The quick growth brought in large fees from builders which the city used in conservative and meaningful ways such as parks, libraries, infrastructure, and beautification. The youth of this generation has not wanted for anything as any sport they wanted to play was available, movies, skateparks, restaurants they wanted were within a 15-minute drive, not to mention a beautiful lake nearby. If wanted, there are plenty of jobs suitable for a high school student. I have also heard from this generation that they cannot wait to leave here and I hope they do. When they see, what the rest of the world has had to live with, they will be back. Maybe not right after they graduate from the great college they were able to get in because of the Roseville schools, but when they are ready to raise their own families.
Justin Cox February 25, 2013 at 11:02 PM
That's a great definition! Thanks for sharing it here.


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