You Can Add Photos to ANY Roseville Patch Story

It's so simple. Give it a try!

Did you know that you can add your own photos or videos to any Roseville Patch story, any time, with just a few clicks?


That could be your image just by clicking the "Upload" link below the photo. It's one of the most downplayed features on the site, but it's a great opportunity for you to help us tell local stories.

Try it out! Post anything you want (so long as it isn’t naughty) and I’ll feature your image.

If we run a story about a city event or a new business, add your own photos or videos. The same goes for a story about the Downtown Roseville or a car accident. Anything.

We also have a Neighborhood Gallery, where you can post images simply because they’re cool, without an accompanying story. I’ve posted images of things around town in the past, among other things. Add your own.

If you have a friend who takes beautiful photos, give them this story. Obviously Facebook is great, but if you'd like to share beyond your circle of friends, but still keep it local, Roseville Patch is a great option.

You can email me at lauren.gibbs@patch.com or call me at 916-622-0094 if you need help or have questions!


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