Business News: Body Scan Fashion-Fitting Kiosk to Open this Week

Me-Ality will celebrate its grand opening at the Westfield Galleria at Roseville May 24.

There's a new kiosk opening at the that may come in handy for shoppers: A size-matching station will help you find your best clothing size.

Me-Ality will celebrate its grand opening in Roseville Thursday, May 24 with demonstrations from noon to 4 p.m.

Me-Ality matching experts will be on hand all day to demonstrate how the sizing technology works and how it takes the guess work out of finding your best fit.

“We are so excited to give shoppers the opportunity to preview the fitting room of the future at some of the most innovative shopping malls in California,” said Tanya Shaw, president and CEO of Me-Ality. “Right now we are in the preview phase of our launch, which means we’re able to match people with a range of denim and pants styles. We’ll be expanding to cover all clothing in the very near future.”

Me-Ality gives customers a free, fully-clothed, 10-second body scan that sends and receives safe, low-power radio waves and records 200,000 data points by bouncing these signals off the skin of a fully clothed consumer. Me-Ality then compares body measurements to garment sizing specifications and prints a personalized shopping guide recommending styles that fit them best, what size to choose, and where to purchase the items. The entire process takes less than 10 minutes.

Me-Ality size-matching stations have begun a widespread rollout at shopping centers across the U.S.

For more information, visit www.me-ality.com.


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