Cronuts: Where to Find Them in the Sacramento Area

Croixnut, doissant, cronut — They're a cross between a donut and croissant.

Cronuts: Where you can find them in the Sacramento area; Credit: Patch
Cronuts: Where you can find them in the Sacramento area; Credit: Patch
Half donut, half croissant — That's a cronut. The cronut craze began at a New York bakery a few months back and has been sweeping the nation ever since with copycats. 

Read more about the cronut history on The Huffington Post here

We were on the hunt for where to find a cronut in the Sacramento area, so we asked readers on Facebook for suggestions. Here are a few places readers said are worth a try:
  • Rustic Grains, 406 Vernon St. in Roseville: Wendy said this bakery "has some really good ones." A reviewer on Yelp said they were "simply heaven" here, however another Yelp reviewer said the cronuts here left something to be desired. 
  • Sweet Dozen, 5207 Madison Ave Ste E in Sacramento: Here, they're called a "doissant." It's best to call ahead to order these, because there's only a limited number every morning, according to their website. 
  • Estelle's Patisserie, 901 K St. in Sacramento: A line of customers came here over the weekend for their "croixnut," and they sold out, according to their Facebook page. So come early. 
  • Safeway: One person said she saw some at Safeway. We found an article about croissant doughnuts sold at Canada Safeways, but nothing about in California. Have you seen them here? 
Have any other suggestions or have you tried a cronut? What did you think? Tell us below. 


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