Tonight's Food Truck Mania Canceled

Rain dampers plans for Monthly Mobile Food Festival.

Those heading to get a hot bite to eat during tonight's Monthly Mobile Food Festival take heed. City officials canceled the event due to rain. 

The event was scheduled to take place from 5 to 8 p.m. on Vernon Street near the City's Civic Center. 

Mobile restaurateurs caravan to Roseville on the second Thursday of each month to offer an outdoor, street festival eating experience.

The city partners on the event with SactoMoFo, a marketing company that puts on regular mobile food festivals in Sacramento and surrounding areas. 

The two groups may reschedule November's event. "It's still in the works," said Jamie Carlson, with the city manager's office. If not rescheduled, the event should resume in December. 

"The City partners with SactoMoFo on this monthly event with the goal to bring residents and new people to Downtown Roseville to experience the shops and services in the revitalization area," Carlson said.

SactoMoFo's owners are advocates for looser food truck regulations.


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