Is Grocery Union Right to Target Non-Union Stores?

The UFCW grocery union plans to step up its protests at non-union stores once it wraps up contract negotiations with Raley's, Save Mart and other chains.

Shoppers at the could soon see pickets lines and protesters–but they won't be employees of that store.

The grocery union United Food and Commercial Workers Local 8, based in Roseville, plans to picket all area Nuggets, according to the Sacramento Business Journal.

The union, which is in the midst of , Raley's and Safeway, is encouraging shoppers to visit those stores instead of non-union alternatives like Nugget. And it "intends to establish picket lines at all Nugget stores after it wraps up current contract negotiations," the Business Journal reported.

Nugget, which has been repeatedly ranked in Fortune Magazine's 100 Best Companies to Work For, lags in pay and benefits, the union told the Business Journal.

“These lines are meant to inform the public of the need to maintain and improve standards in the industry, and they will continue as long as this need exists,” United Food and Commercial Workers Local 8 president Jacques Loveall said to the Business Journal.

Other local grocery stores, like and , do not have unionized employees.


Disclosure: Cody Kitaura is a former Raley's employee and former member of the United Food and Commercial Workers union.


Roseville, what do you think of this dispute? Should all grocery stores be unionized, or is it OK that stores like Nugget are not? Would a picket line stop you from shopping at a non-union store? Tell us in the comments section.

Franklin June 30, 2012 at 09:33 PM
I don't know what's best. People don't understand unions today. They have fallen for the line that "union hacks run the union." "I don't have a decent pension, so neither should union workers." People don't understand that if every worker had a union, everyone would benefit. There used to be a time when unions and management actually worked together for the common good. Having said that, I'm not so sure that picketing other stores does any good. The union picketed Lucky's in Rocklin (originally a Grocery Outlet) a few years ago, and basically the store closed because of the pickets. That store was just a mom and pop outfit. They also picketed Winco several years ago and I didn't think anything ever came of it. I think it would be interesting for Patch to do a story on the difference between the benefits of non-union stores vs. union stores. Do non-union stores really make that much less than union stores? I don't want to cross a picket line and I hope they settle with management, but I'm not sure picketing Nugget is the best most effective thing to do right now. Maybe you could do a story on their logic.


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