STUDY: Job Growth & Wages Both Dropped in the Sacramento Area Last Year

What should be done to improve the city's ranking?

The Sacramento area was the 144th highest-ranked metro region in the United States two years ago, according to an annual study by the Milken Institute, which bases its results on economy, health and local entrepreneurship. 

Last year, we fell 38 spots, all the way to 182nd. 

The Sacramento region experienced declines in job growth, wages and salaries growth and relative GDP growth in the past year, as you can see in the chart that accompanies this article. 

Play with the interactive database here to see other cities

The Milken Institute says their economists and policy experts "focus on three major imperatives: creating jobs; improving health; and ensuring that capital is available to launch entrepreneurs, new technologies and great ideas." 

Tell us below what should be done to improve the Sacramento region on this list. 

Silicon Valley shot from 51st to number one on the list this year, according to the rankings. The Milken Institute says the reason is that "tech is back." The Silicon Valley had only been at the top one other time in history -- in 2001, during the first tech bubble.  

Overall Rank: 182 MSA Population: 2,176,235 5-yr Job Growth (2006-2011)1 Score: 92.38 Rank: 188 1-yr Job Growth (2010-2011)2 Score: 97.84 Rank: 193 5-yr Wages & Salaries Growth (2005-2010)3 Score: 96.11 Rank: 147 1-yr Wages & Salaries Growth (2009-2010)4 Score: 97.18 Rank: 189 Job Growth (May 11 - May 12)5 Growth: 0.56 % Rank: 127 5-yr Relative HT GDP Growth (2006-2011)6 Score: 101.38 Rank: 60 1-yr Relative HT GDP Growth (2010-2011)7 Score: 96.48 Rank: 166 High-Tech GDP LQ - 20118 Score: 1.13  Rank: 44 # of HT GDP LQs Over 1 - 20119 Score: 8.0 Rank: 36
M.Legison January 18, 2013 at 11:06 PM
That is a good article, Justin. It is difficult to read much into these rankings. Some, like the Bay Area and Austin rankings, are obvious. Others, like Bakersfield are largely a function of statistical growth, like a city of fifty growing 10% when a family of five moves into town. Sacramento does have a bad reputation for being not business friendly or accommodating and California in general is being hurt with this mentality. Locally, health care is ramping again and that will help. Of course, with the new taxes we'll see more state workers, needed or not, so that will help with the stats but not with the overall culture.
Roberto January 19, 2013 at 04:46 AM
Geez Louise. This is an easy one. Get rid of the mayor. Get rid of the Kings. End of problem.


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