The Hub Bike Shop's YouTube Commercials are Funny, and Also Cheesy (VIDEO)

While entertaining and semi-informative, these commercials are also quite corny.


We stumbled across a couple of videos on YouTube last week that were posted by The Hub Bike Shop in Roseville. While entertaining and semi-informative, they're also very corny. 

One of the videos features the store's owner riding a bike and sharing some useful facts about the shop. As a viewer, it looks as if he'll plow into a wall at any moment, but when the clip ends, everybody is safe and secure. 

The other video is a spoof of Saturday Night Live's Superfans. It's magical. 

For more about The Hub, check out norcalhub.com

Franklin February 26, 2013 at 06:32 AM
This is nice and stuff, but where's the news???? What is going on with Patch? There's lots of real news and this is the lead? Ok, I'm sure some people are interested in this, but in my view, it's pretty weak.


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