Have You Noticed a Rattlesnake Problem in Roseville?

The California Department of Fish and Game gives some tips for rattlesnake encounters.

Rattlesnakes were out and causing trouble in Roseville over Memorial Day weekend, according to a KCRA report.

Two dogs died from rattlesnake bites, KCRA reported, and several others were injured and being treated.

Several Placer County vets also reported to KCRA that they have seen an increase in dogs coming in with snakebites.

Have you noticed an increase of rattlesnakes in your Roseville neighborhood?

If so, the California Department of Fish and Game has some tips for rattlesnake encounters:

  • Wear hiking books when walking in wild areas; never go barefoot
  • Wear loose-fitting long pants when hiking
  • Avoid tall grass when hiking
  • Use a “rattlesnake proof” fence in your backyard made of either solid wood or mesh no larger than 1/4-inch
  • If you are bitten, go to the doctor as soon as possible
  • From the California Poison Control Center: Wash the bite area gently with soap and water; remove watches, rings, etc.; head to the doctor as soon as possible

Visit the California Department of Fish and Game website here for more tips.


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