Plaza Frontenac For Sale: What Do You Think?

Shoppers weigh in on a Frontenac mainstay that will likely change hands.

Even though information about the upcoming sale of Plaza Frontenac was published in the Wall Street Journal and St. Louis Post-Dispatch, it seems some folks have no idea the mall is for sale.

Here’s what Ladue-Frontenac Patch learned on a recent trip to the venerable shopping center when we asked shoppers and employees what they thought about the pending sale:

Lynda Anderson, Kirkwood resident
"I’ve heard nothing about the sale. I’m pretty shocked and had no clue. I come here a lot; I’m a regular here. I’m here twice a week, sometimes three. I don’t want to lose it especially lululemon where I’ll be teaching yoga this Sunday. I love Canyon Café and I love going to Brio and Flemings."

Helen Pollak, hairdresser at
"Again? I’ve been here for 10 years and there have been rumors before. I like this mall. I believe everything goes through changes. It’s hard to know. Doesn’t affect my business. Guess we just have to wait and see."

Brenda Maher, St. Charles resident
"It serves a certain niche, there are stores I come specifically here for that aren’t in other areas. I think it would be missed if it went away. If it has the same stores as everyone else does then it doesn’t make that much difference."

Sherry McDonnell, West St. Louis County resident
"It’s the economy and people have to take care of their own financial situations. Come here fairly often. For movie and lunch. It’s just the nature of life, things change. Not worried."

Sunny and Bill Combs, Kirkwood residents
Sunny: "I think it’s dreadful. Who knows what would take over? What is their plan? We have come here from the time it was built and we love it because it’s special. We come here for walking and also for shopping and eating. If you want something special, this is where you come and this is where you buy. I just love to come here. A great many people will come and spend a great deal of money here."

Bill: "I can’t imagine somebody buying something and doing something poorly with this place. Why would they do that? What would be the purpose? I say stop worrying about it. Everything’s going to be just fine."

Zach Meier, employee at Lucky Brand Jeans
"Just moved to this mall from the Galleria and didn’t know if was for sale. Is it going to change? Have they published anything about it? Do we know who the bidders are? I hope it doesn’t change much because it’s really a unique mall compared to a lot of the other malls in St. Louis. It’d be a shame if somebody came in and changed it all over. It’s a nice environment; I enjoy it."

Eric Montz August 13, 2011 at 12:38 PM
I've heard rumors that Sak's is going to be closing this location. Owner probably wants to cut down it's potential losses. For a mall with both Neiman and Saks, it should be performing more in the $700/sq ft range...not $500 like it is.


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