Poll: How Friendly is Roseville?

A social networking company recently named Sacramento one of the friendliest cities in the state. But what about Roseville? Rate Roseville on a scale of one to five here.

If you had to rate Roseville's friendliness on a scale of one to five (five being most friendly; one being least friendly), what would you say?

Tagged, a social networking company focused on helping users meet new people, recently dubbed Sacramento one of the friendliest cities in California. The company measured friend requests and other "expressions of adoration" on its site to come up with rankings for cities with 200,000 people or more.

Southern California was friendlier than Northern California, according to the company's survey, with Santa Ana taking the top spot. Other affable NorCal cities included Oakland and Modesto.

We're not convinced a survey by a single, relatively small company can settle the question of how welcoming a town is. But it did get us thinking: How friendly is Roseville?

Readers, what do you think? Vote in our poll, and explain your rating in the comments section.


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