Poll: Should Sierra Gardens Elementary Close?

The Roseville City School District is considering closing the elementary school. Do you think they should?

may close its doors in 2013, according to a Roseville Press Tribune article.

In a nutshell, enrollment is down at the school and the wants to improve by adding sixth graders to the school, according to the article.

Instead of being a seventh- through eighth-grade school, Eich Intermediate would change to also serve sixth graders.

Do you have a child that goes to Sierra Gardens Elementary? What do you think about the possibility of your child's school closing?

Do your kids go to Eich Intermediate? What do you think of the possible change to that school?

Share your thoughts by posting a comment below and voting in our poll.

Darlene Guzman January 27, 2012 at 09:24 PM
Tassi I have to disagree with you on the learning and helping you and your child in school . I have had one of my sons in another school for a short time so he could be with his cousin and he has had some focusing issues the school he was in did nothing for him they were horible I brought him to sierra gardens where my other son went for 7 years and now he is doing great the teachers and staff did a wonderful job and met all his needs . I have seen them help others as well . If you go to the teacher and have her set a plan for your son they are great about do that. Sierra gardens is a great school
chuck johnson February 01, 2012 at 07:41 PM
We have lived in this neighborhood for 15 years. Both of my my daughters attended Seirra Gardens as well as Eich. They Currently attend Oakmont high school. During the years my chidren attended I went on most every feild trip so I feel I know the teachers pretty well. Seirra Gardens has the best teachers who really care about our children and the education they deserve. My grandaughter is now in kindergarden at Seirra Gardens and it pains me to think she will have to attend another school to finish up her elementary school learning. Seirra Gardens is a fixture in the neighborhood. Its location is central to all who attend as well as tucked nicely back in the area away from main streets giving safety from vehicles to our children attending the school. They should consider an alternative. Closing this school would be a huge mistake. I don't want to see it become a vacant school drawing in taggers and the homeless. The area provides a safe haven for our children to play after school and on weekends as well as places for people to take walks etc. This will also bring down housing prices in the area. I stopped by there yesterday and signed a petition to try and save the school. Please stop by and sign the petition if you get a chance. Our children as well as our neighborhood deserves to keep this school open.
Donna S. February 01, 2012 at 08:06 PM
They aren't talking about closing the school property - they would use a portion of it (12 classes) as an extension of Eich - for 6th graders. turn Eich into 6/7/8. Apparently there is a School Board Trustee meeting tomorrow evening... It might make sense to go and speak up there.
Laurie L. March 02, 2012 at 06:46 AM
I have been a sixth grade teacher for a quite number of years and have a degree in child development. There is not a simple cut-and-dried answer to the dilemma. I do know that sixth graders do not belong on a campus with such younger children. Sixth graders are at the beginning of the transition from childhood to teen-hood, with all the social (and body) changes. They need social gathering spots (elementary schools do not generally provide these); they need to begin working with different teachers, learning in a gentle way how to adjust to different teaching styles/methods during the day. This period of time in their lives can be emotional, frustrating, and terrifying (sometimes all in just the course of a day), but a well thought-out program with teachers who have an understanding of this age group can make the difference. The junior high would now become a "middle school". The sixth graders would be (if they follow the lead of many other school districts who have already quite successfully transitioned their schools in such a format) separate from the "older" kids that first year and be given only a few teachers in rotation (not a full load of six/seven periods with six/seven different teachers). I would look at how the fourth and fifth grade teachers are preparing the children with skills in note taking and daily assignment calendar use. As a parent myself, I would say GET INVOLVED in your child's classroom and teachers. Take responsibility and an interest.
Laura Taylor March 12, 2012 at 02:48 PM
Donna - as an Eich parent, I'd have to say I would have been more than happy to have my kids start at Eich in 6th grade. It is the BEST school my kids have ever attended. We've done open school, charter (Montessori) school, home school, private school and nothing has been as good as Eich. The admin staff are outstanding, the principals - outstanding, the teaching staff - I've found none better. Even the kids at this school have a different attitude from other schools. When we first came to visit before enrolling - there was a group of kids out front. They actually greeted us and said "hello" - Jr. High kids? Amazing! That's the culture of Eich. It is inclusive, welcoming, and academically excellent. What a blessing for the families of the 6th graders to be under the wing of Eich next year!


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