Camera With Honeymoon Photos Stolen From Newlyweds–Just Return the SD Card, They Say

Michael and Lori Staines hope to recover more than 1,000 photos taken on their honeymoon; the pictures were lost when the pair had a camera and cellphone stolen this week in Roseville.

Courtesy Michael and Lori Staines.
Courtesy Michael and Lori Staines.
A Roseville couple is pleading with whoever stole a cellphone and camera from their car this week, but they don't really care about the missing electronics: they just want their photos. 

Michael and Lori Staines were married in March on the Hawaiian island of Lanai. When they returned to the mainland, they set off on their honeymoon: a cross-country road trip that would take them to Lori Staines' east coast hometown and back, stopping at various national parks and monuments along the way.

The couple took 1,100 photos along the way, and this week returned to Roseville, where they're having a new house built.

The pair said at around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, they stopped at Pacific Sales, an appliance store at 1251 Lead Hill Blvd., to make some selections for their future home.

In an email to Patch, they said they were only in the store for about 10 minutes when a customer came inside to say someone's car had been broken into. They ran outside to find a window in their car had been smashed, and their new Sony camera and Samsung Galaxy S4 cellphone had been stolen, along with all of their honeymoon photos.

"As most people would do, we keep thinking what we could have done differently," Michael and Lori Staines said in an email. "But in our case it is even worse–just an hour before our stop at the store we had the camera connected to our computer to download the photos and realized they were all so very large that this would take hours, not minutes. In the effort and excitement to get our appliances ordered we disconnected the camera and took it with us to finish later that night, without copying ANY of those precious photos."

Despite the cost to fix the car's window and replace the electronics, the photos are "all we truly care about," they said.

They're hoping whoever stole their camera and phone will see their plea, and return the photos. The newlyweds said they don't want to scare off the person who has them, and suggested a Roseville Fire station would be a safe and unintimidating place to drop off the SD card. 

"We don't care where it is sent as long as it is sent," they said.

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