Police Arrest Four, Related to Mall Fight

A Citrus Heights man a woman and two juveniles have been arrested on suspicion of vandalism and other charges believed to be related to Black Friday's fight at the Westfield Galleria mall in Roseville.

The Roseville Police Department tonight announced the arrest of four people, two adults and two juveniles — on suspicion of vandalism and gang charges — related to the Black Friday Westfield Galleria mall fight.

The fight received national attention after a video of the brief but intense melee was posted on YouTube this past weekend. 

Roberto Ivan Volz, 21, and Sandy Orellana, 18, both of Citrus Heights were arrested on suspicion of vandalism, conspiracy and gang charges Saturday morning. Two juvenile boys, a 16-year-old, from Citrus Heights and a 17-year-old, from Turlock, were also arrested. 

Volz is in custody on $60,000 bail. And Orellana is in custody on $50,000 bail.

While the fight started in front of a shoe store inside of the mall, Roseville Police Department officials report it later allegedly continued to a fight victim's house. 

"At about 5 a.m. Friday morning, we got a call from a Roseville resident who said his car had been extensively vandalized—all windows, head lamps and tail lights broken out and with many dents," said Dee Dee Gunther, police department spokesperson. 

"Turns out (Volz) was one of the parties involved in the earlier fight, and we believe the other group went over to his house in Central Roseville and vandalized his vehicle with baseball bats and similar tools," she said. 

The now viral fight seen by many as an example of Black Friday shoppers losing control, started on the second floor in front of a shoe store and moved toward Victoria's Secret, Gunther said. But before that, she reported, two groups of people, were involved in repeated small altercations and gang-related insults. 

Roseville Police were notified of the fight at 12:23 a.m. Friday morning. 

Originally, police reported there had been no arrests involved with the fight since it had dissipated by the time police arrived. 

"We didn’t get any follow-up calls about injuries or anyone wanting to press charges for assault," Gunther said about the original fall out from the case.   

Police are withholding the victim’s name and the location of the vandalism for safety reasons.


Black Friday Galleria Fight Video Goes Viral, Mall Officials Respond:


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