Map: Attempted Break-Ins, Home Burglaries Reported Since May 1

Our map shows where home break-ins have been reported in Roseville since April 1.

The above map shows where residential burglaries, or attempted burglaries, have been reported in Roseville since May 1. The red flags represent the most recent reported break-ins. The "house" markers show previous break-ins this month. Click on the markers to read more information about each incident.

This map is put together using information from the Roseville Police Department.

Curious about residential break-ins in 2012? Check our maps here for , , and .

Take a look at the recent residential burglaries:

(Burglaries below were added to the map May 9)

Monday, April 30

Garage burglary —Overnight on April 30/May 1, someone went into the garage of a home in the 1600 block of Ashford Drive and took bicycles and power tools.  There was no sign of forced entry, and the resident may have inadvertently left the garage unlocked.

Thursday, May 3

Attempted burglary —Between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on May 3, someone forced open a screen door and tried to pry open a sliding glass door in the back of a home in the 1600 block of Loon Lake Street.  Fortunately no one got into the house and nothing was taken.  Neighbors remembered seeing (from a distance) what appeared to be a solicitor in the neighborhood during the day, wearing a dark cap, white shirt and dark pants, carrying a clipboard.

Friday, May 4

Attempted burglary — Between 7:15 and 8:30 p.m. on May 4, someone forced open the side door of a garage in the 3100 block of Hopscotch Way.  Fortunately it didn't appear that anything inside the garage was disturbed.  A neighbor remembered seeing a suspicious vehicle in the area during the time the incident happened.  It was a dark green late-90s model Toyota Camry with two females in the front seat and a male in the backseat.  The vehicle wasn't known to the neighborhood, and was being driven very slowly up and down the street.

Saturday, May 5

Shed burglary — At 12:10 a.m. May 5, a resident of the 200 block of Fourth Street reported that someone had just taken his push lawnmower from his unsecured shed and pushed it up the street.  An officer followed up on a lead the next day and arrested an 18-year-old male from Roseville on suspicion of possessing stolen property and conspiracy.  The lawnmower was returned to the victim.


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Kevin Raposo May 10, 2012 at 02:22 PM
The summer months are upon us which means more burglaries! I recently wrote an article that might be helpful to readers on how a burglar actually targets a home: A Burglar Reveals the 4 Tips for Home Protection http://simplisafe.com/blog/burglar-reveals-4-tips-home-protection Feel free to share or re-post!


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