Police Warn Residents of Nighttime Thefts from Pickup Tool Boxes

They have been reported in the meadow Oaks and Cirby Ranch neighborhoods, according to Roseville Police.

There have been four thefts from pickup truck tool boxes in Roseville neighborhoods within the last week, Roseville Police report.
The tool thefts have been reported in the Meadow Oaks and Cirby Ranch neighborhoods. According to Roseville Police, the thief, or thieves, went to construction company pickups or other company trucks, got into the tool boxes in the truck beds and stole tools and equipment.  
There was no sign of forced entry, meaning the thief probably has a key or a set of keys that fit the tool boxes.
The thefts occurred during the night-time or early morning hours on Wednesday, April 18 and Thursday, April 19 in the 1200 block of Chesapeake Drive and the 1100 block of Augusta Way. Another theft occurred again on Monday night, April 23 and Tuesday morning, April 24, in the 1100 block of Augusta Way and the 1100 block of Meadow Oaks Drive.
Roseville Police warn that if you have a pickup with a tool box containing valuable tools, you park inside a locked garage if possible.  If that's not possible, you might want to consider installing heavy-duty hasp-type locks and sturdy padlocks on your tool boxes.  You might also want to remove any especially valuable tools and store them inside at night.
If you see any suspicious people or vehicles in your neighborhood cruising around, looking into vehicles, or doing anything else that seems suspicious to you, call police right away at 916-774-5000 extension 1, or dial 911.


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