Roseville PD Welcomes 8 New Police Officers, Celebrates 3 Promotions

The Roseville Police Department held a swearing-in ceremony today, recognizing new police officers, employees and volunteers.

A total of 27 new police officers, employees and volunteers were officially welcomed to the Roseville Police Department during a swearing-in ceremony Wednesday, June 20.

Three officers were also promoted within the department.

Roseville Police Chief Daniel Hahn said that while other police departments nearby are letting go of employees, Roseville is hiring. All of the new hires and volunteers were hired between July 2011 and now, according to Dee Dee Gunther with the Roseville Police Department.

In addition to welcoming new employees and staff, retired Roseville Police Sgt. Bud Herring was recognized as the recipient of a community service award for volunteering more than 2,200 hours with the Roseville Police Department. Herring retired from the department after serving more than 27 years. Shortly after his retirement, he joined Roseville Police Department as a volunteer, where he leads the Citizens on Patrol program, manages vacation house checks and mentors fellow volunteers.

"The people in front of you today are very worthy of working in this community," Hahn told attendees. "This isn't just a police department celebration — it's a community-as-a-whole celebration."

The employees and volunteers recognized were:


  • Jeffrey Kool from police officer to sergeant
  • Darren Kato from police officer to sergeant
  • Cal Walstad from sergeant to lieutenant

New police officers:

  • Robert Bliss
  • Richard Rahn
  • Nicholas Gaines
  • Scott Blynn
  • Chirstopher Trudell
  • Christopher Ciampa
  • Janelle Perez
  • Stephen Chipp

New professional staff (“civilian”) employees:

  • Lauren Simon—part time background investigator
  • Randy Thompson—part time assistant range master
  • Jennifer Johnson—police records clerk
  • Ashley Gilleland—police records clerk
  • Shannon Wittmer—dispatcher
  • Norma Screeton—police records clerk
  • Travis Field—correctional officer
  • Laura Ortiz—correctional officer
  • Jordan Haley—correctional officer and reserve police officer
  • Michael Advincula—reserve police officer


  • Steve Abe
  • Karen Domen
  • George Becraft
  • Mozie Cupit
  • Kathy Fields
  • Beryl Lawrence
  • Ryan Pool
  • Pat Sledge
  • Cathy Stevens

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