Solicitors Scam Visually Impaired Roseville Senior; Police Arrest 'Traveling Crew'

The fraudulent "donations" were used to pay for motel rooms, alcohol and other items for the traveling crew.


Two young women knocked on the door of a senior citizen in Northeast Roseville Monday night as part of a scam to steal prescription drugs. 

The two knocked on the door and told the visually-impaired senior that they were selling magazines "to benefit veterans." They also told the senior citizen that their grandma lived in the neighborhood. Here's how the situation played out, according to the Roseville Police Department: 

They talked her into letting them into her home, and asked to use her bathroom. After they left, the resident discovered that her prescription narcotic medication was missing from the medicine cabinet in her bathroom. Officers located and arrested the two suspects, a 22-year-old woman from Columbus, Ohio and a 21-year-old woman from Modesto, on suspicion of burglary (entering the victim's house with the intention of committing theft or fraud), conspiracy, and elder abuse. During the investigation, officers learned that the traveling group of solicitors especially targeted senior citizens for solicitation, and that if someone did not want to purchase a magazine subscription, they would ask for donations "to benefit our veterans." The donations were then used to pay for motel rooms, alcohol and other items for the traveling crew. Officers seized the cash and checks the solicitors had collected, due to the fraudulent nature of the solicitations. The money will be returned to the donors.

Roseville Police offered this tip: 

If you don't want to be contacted by door-to-door solicitors, post a "no soliciting" sign at your front door. By city ordinance, door-to-door solicitors must have a valid City of Roseville business license and a soliciting permit from the Police Department. They also are prohibited from knocking on doors with "no soliciting" signs posted, although they can still leave flyers or other literature at the door. Call police immediately to report suspicious solicitors. Burglars often pose as solicitors and knock on doors to find out if someone is home before breaking into residences. Whether you choose to answer the door or not, always call out to them or make some noise and let them know you're home. Look through the peephole or your window to get a good look at them and their vehicle if possible, and then call police.


Karin Fulton March 07, 2013 at 04:38 PM
The No Soliciting sign at my front door has Not Stopped them yet !


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