Official Roseville Election Numbers Show Little Overall Change

Placer County Office of Elections releases final numbers pending write-in Presidential votes.

The Placer County Office of Elections released the following official final vote counts for Roseville city and school board elections Wednesday night. 

Roseville's official results solidify Carol Garcia, Pauline Roccucci and Bonnie Gore seats on the Roseville City Council.  

With the most City Council election votes, Garcia becomes Vice Mayor. Gore held her third place lead over activist Phil Ozenick for third place. 

Final Roseville High School board third place standings still inched ever closer in the three seat race, with newcomer Rene Aguilera still slightly ahead of incumbent Gerry Genzlinger. Aguilera received 24.63 percent of the final votes compared to Genzlinger's 24.09 percent. 

Roseville City Council Final Votes % Carol Garcia  22,633 20.33 Pauline Roccucci 21,824 19.6 Bonnie Gore 21,053 18.91 Phil Ozenick 18,568 16.68 Scott Alvord 16,555 14.87 Tracy Mendonsa 5,831 5.24 John Schwartz 4,657 4.18 Roseville Joint Union High School Board Final Votes % R. Jan Pinney 27,681 25.51 Paige K. Stauss 27,519 25.36 Rene Aguilera 26,724 24.36 Garry Genzlinger 26,144 24.09 Dry Creek Joint Union Elementary School Board Final Votes % Scott Otsuka 5,800 35.7 Jeff Randall 5,609 34.59 Stephanie Dement  4,743 29.25 Eureka Union School District  Final Votes  % Ryan R. Jones 7,270 36.74 Renee C. Nash 6,397 32.33 Kristie Greiss  6,063 30.64

Source: Placer County Office of Elections


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