Restaurant/Entertainment Venue Looks to Open Downtown

A restaurant/entertainment venue may be coming soon to Vernon Street as part of the plan to revive Downtown Roseville.

This time next year, Downtown Roseville is going to look much different.

In addition to the , which is expected to be complete in fall of 2012, the City of Roseville is working with a group to bring a restaurant/entertainment venue to Vernon Street.

Although Kevin Payne, assistant director of the city’s Planning and Redevelopment Department, couldn’t disclose yet what the venue would be, he did say that its primary use would be for food service. The proposed restaurant/entertainment venue would fill the 16,000-square-foot vacancy at 238 Vernon St. Payne said that if all of the pieces come together, the restaurant venue would help activate the 200 block of Vernon Street.

“Right now, we are working with the property ownership group and the future restaurant tour group and trying to pull the pieces together as far as funding for the improvements,” Payne said.

According to Roseville Community Development Corporation, or RCDC, documents, its focus on re-activating Downtown Roseville has been on the 200 to 400 blocks of Vernon Street. Currently, RCDC owns 240 Vernon St. and 242-246 Vernon St. and has made a request for funding for building renovations at 238 Vernon St. to bring a restaurant/entertainment venue to the street.

Up for consideration at RCDC’s Nov. 10 meeting is a $1.5 million loan to Innova Restaurant Concepts to make building improvements. The funds would be drawn from RCDC’s start up loan, according to RCDC documents.

“With the $1.5 million loan, the corporation will have created an opportunity to activate approximately 30 percent of the block with tenants that are aligned with the vision for Downtown,” according to RCDC documents.

The City of Roseville also hopes to get a developer on board with the vacant building next to the parking garage to fill it up with businesses, Payne said.

A new restaurant may also be the key to reviving 240 Vernon St. as well. Payne said they’re looking to fill that vacancy and its existing kitchen makes it a potential candidate for a new eatery.

In a recent , we asked readers what would draw more foot traffic to Downtown Roseville. The from voters was more restaurants and coffee shops.

Recently, , opened on Vernon Street. The owner said he chose the location to help bring life back to Downtown Roseville.

If all the pieces come together for these plans, residents will have a number of dining options just before the holidays next year.

TheRealBigCouchPotato November 10, 2011 at 01:25 AM
What happens to the loan if Innova goes broke? Roseville has tried to encourage house sales by allowing for "silent seconds" that only need to be paid back when a home is sold. Yet some of those homes have been foreclosed on. What happened to the silent seconds the city gave out? How much money have they lost? I'm not saying the City shouldn't loan Innova anything, but it shouldn't be for free. What safeguards are there for residents? I don't think there were any safeguards with the silent seconds.
Linda November 14, 2011 at 11:01 PM
Would love a good family-style home cooking restaurant!


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