Roseville Business Donates Car to Family in Need

Cooks Collision donated a car to a family who recently graduated from the Roseville Home Start program.

, a car repair shop in Roseville, has a long history of helping the families at . 

For the last 8 years, in addition to making a 10-year commitment to annual financial support of Home Start's programs, Cooks Collision has also refurbished and donated four vehicles to needy families who were successful graduates of the Home Start program. 

that serves families in Placer County.

"We were looking for an organization that centered around helping children in the area.  We met (Executive Director) Ann, and felt Home Start was a good fit for us.  We appreciate the structured environment for families and children," said Mike Barber, Vice President of Operations at Cooks Collision. 

Transportation for the families Roseville Home Start serves is a critical factor in getting and keeping a job and moving up the career ladder toward financial independence.  The lack of a car limits employment and housing options, making it even harder to move into safer neighborhoods or ones with better schools. A lack of transportation affects families is less obvious ways as well, like less time to spend with family,  less after-school activities for kids, fewer visits to the doctor when necessary, and much more. It reduces each family’s participation in the greater community, thus limiting their world and their future.

In February, Cooks Collision donated a minivan for Rosa and her family of 8 children.  Rosa recently found employment about a half an hour away from Roseville.  She often works the graveyard shift, which makes public transportation less of an option.  She desperately needed a vehicle to help her and her family achieve true self-sufficiency. Home Start called Cooks Collision, and they generously refurbished one of their courtesy vans for Rosa's family, including new brakes, tires, bumpers, a new windshield, and smog certification.

"I've never been given anything like this in my life" said Rosa.  "Thank you so much for my entire family!"

—Information provided by Roseville Home Start

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Bob March 01, 2012 at 05:19 AM
It is called the good neighbor policy. People used to do this all the time back in the 1950's and 60's. Since becoming more of a "ME" first society this kind of kindness has become uncommon. It is nice to know that someone out there still believes in giving back to the community. Now if the labor and laterials were donated then that makes it that much better. Hats off to the people who work at Cook's.
TheRealBigCouchPotato March 06, 2012 at 03:45 AM
I think it's very nice of them to donate the car to a needy family. Will they help Rosa register the car? People have to have insurance now to register their cars and I hope she can afford it. Seriously...it's a wonderful gesture...but poor people have a hard of it. I hope it works out great.
Amanda June 22, 2012 at 09:04 AM
What a nice thing to do I wish there where more people helping the needy my wife and i and our 3 girls just lost our car and 3 days later our landlord said he needed his house back now we're gonna be carless and homeless. Thank the Lord for blessings you and you're children..


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