6th Assembly District Election Musings, Vol. 2

Is the "open Primary" a good way to go??

In the Roseville Patch’s “” of June 10, Beth Gaines was shown to have the most “mojo” out of the June 6th primary election.  In no way does this mean that Gaines is the best for the District.

In fact, the in which more than 550 people responded, by a 3 to 1 majority, that the incumbent Beth Gaines is NOT doing a good job for her District constituents. 

This points out a weakness in this brand new “open primary” scheme of things.  Now it looks like we may have a case where an incumbent with a poor record is questionably cast as the “favorite” for the November general election.  Under the old system, the top winner in each party’s primary would have another five months to “strut their stuff” and show what they’re made of, before the voters have to render some kind of a final judgment.  Now it looks to me like there is a thumb on the scale - the “open primary” system itself.

So I’m here to remind that, which should be out by July 6, there are the other two candidates worth looking at. 

Regy Bronner, a retired successful businessman from Lincoln, who is self-funded with local donations, and Andy Pugno, a special interest attorney who helped write Proposition 8, from Folsom who is funded by religious right groups, largely from outside the area. One of these two will definitely be the alternative candidate after July 6.

If Pugno manages to be the one who survives the final vote count, 6th AD voters will have no choice but to vote for one of two, Gaines and Pugno, who have EACH made a solemn promise to outsider Grover Norquist, of Virginia, to never, never vote for any tax increase no matter the circumstances or the need, even if there are savings which more than offset the expenditures.  It’s a “knee-jerk no” whatever the issue.  No negotiation possible.  Or else the voters can stay home, but they would still be saddled with one of the two.

In my mind, it is only if Regy Bronner survives the count that 6th AD voters will have a REAL CHOICE in November.  Regy will have five months to “strut his stuff” and show the voters what he’s made of, starting with the fact that he has NOT made any pledge to any outsider, and is NOT funded by large-scale outside corporate and religious interests as are the other two.  He probably WILL cite the Beth Gaines’ “no” vote on open disclosure of who is funding political campaigns (hers included), and other “no” votes on matters of importance to constituents.  We’ll wait for it all to come out, if we are lucky enough to be given the chance.  I’ve got my fingers crossed for this late count of mail-in ballots.

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Dave Delgardo June 12, 2012 at 04:57 PM
In an earlier Patch dispatch, Ms. Gaines is quoted as saying it has been an honor to serve her constituents. Better, she should serve her constituents honorably. Part of that would involve source disclosure of campaign contributions.
Franklin June 13, 2012 at 10:24 PM
The entire state is so gerrymandered, that in this district, it doesn't matter who wins for the Democrats. In our district, if Godzilla was a Republican (no offense to Godzilla) and Mother Teresa was a Democrat (no offense to Mother Teresa), Godzilla would win. If Pugno defeats Bronner, I am going to look forward to Republicans using negative campaigning against each other.


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