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I was born into a family that has a 150+ year history in Silveyville and Dixon.  I am also a Mayflower decedent via John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley arrived in the "New World" 1620.
I traveled the world for several years and decided to settle in Dixon to raise my two children (now adults). I’m interested in Organic farming, beekeeping and keeping my purchases as local as possible. I eat organic vegetables and fruits produced on the Dixon Ridge, one of the richest soil zones in the world. I would enjoy seeing Dixon develop more agricultural processing for the domestic and export markets rather than continue to encourage franchises to build in and around the city.  I think that our success as a town will hinge on our ability to develop meaningful businesses able to bring money into the community from outside sources and far away lands. I believe that many people living and working for the town do not understand what the town is all about and the importance of the land that surrounds them.  I am tired of the “build it and build it now” attitude, our goal should be saving the land for Ag production and developing that as a business model. Support your local Farmer, Farms, food safety and security shop at a local Farmers Market.  
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