Sean Carter
My name is Sean. And I’m on a mission to eat at every restaurant, cafe, diner, deli, bistro, etc. in my hometown of Roseville, CA. Why? Because I love food. More accurately, I love eating out. For too long I’ve stuck to the same old places over and over again when I went out. Although I consider myself to be a fairly adventurous person (as in I’ll eat anything, at least once), my discovery of new food tended to be hampered by general laziness. That all ends here. There are so many little places hidden around Roseville that I’ve never even noticed before. Many of these might be amazing and I intend to find out. There are over 150 businesses to visit. Follow my progress and discover new food with me!
A couple guidelines I’m following: 1. If it’s a chain, I’ll do a quick photo-only post.  I won’t make it a point to visit them, this will only be if I happen to eat at one and have my camera with me. 2. I’m skipping entirely: major fast food chains, coffee shops, Jamba Juice / smoothie-type places, etc.  I’m still on the fence about frozen yogurt…  There are just so many of them!
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