The Best Burrito Joint in Roseville is ... Freebirds

Many of you chimed in on your favorites, but in the end, 42 percent of readers said Freebirds serves the best burritos in Roseville, according to our poll.

Recently opened serves up the best burritos in Roseville. At least according to 42 percent of voters in our .

We had a total of 150 votes, as of Wednesday afternoon, and many readers chimed in to share their favorites.

Next time you're craving a big burrito, consider trying some these Roseville Patch reader favorites:
Jeremy Sawyer: , Sweet Pulled Pork Burrito! Yummy!!!
Lorraine V: 's burritos are high on the list.
Matt Hopkins: I'm not saying it's the best in Roseville, but Carmelita's on Riverside makes a good chicken and rice burrito.
Sher Ely Jones: Forget the big chains, best burritos around (and least expensive) are from near Melody and Cirby, comes in at #2 with a special shout out to their breakfast burrito!
TheRealBigCouchPotato: I like , which is a small chain. Although it's not in Roseville, Los Jarritos makes really good burritos. Really, there are lots of great places for Burritos in Roseville...I guess my favorite is Dos Coyotes.
Susie Q: on Lead Hill and Sunrise! YUMMY
Carrie Krueger Marovich: !

Here are the full results:

Freebirds: 42%
Chipotle: 23%
Jalisco Fresh Grill: 11%
El Azteca Taqueria: 10%
Other: 8%
Taqueria Maria: 2%
Los Cabos Grill: 1%
El Charro Taqueria & Bakery: 0%

For all Freebirds fans, what's the secret to a perfect burrito there? What's the best way to order?

C January 08, 2012 at 05:13 AM
Good luck getting any service. Read Yelp.


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