Heroin Use in Roseville Has Risen 'Dramatically': What Can be Done?

The Roseville Press-Tribune recently ran a story about the "reality of heroin use" in town. You should read it.


Heroin use has swelled in Roseville, according to a story the Roseville Press-Tribune ran last Friday. In the story, they speak to addicts, police, doctors and counselors. You can read it here. 

Sgt. Dave Buelow, who runs the Roseville Police Department's Narcotics team told the Press-Tribune: “During my first five years as a police officer in Roseville, I could have counted on my hand how many times I’d seen heroin during arrests … Now, during the last two or three years, our department is dealing with heroin and heroin-related crimes on a weekly basis.” 

Police say the local spike in opiate addiction can be traced back to a "pill craze" that hit area high schools about a decade ago. The effects of such addiction are deep and lasting. 

"As someone who was in high school during the oxy craze, I cant even begin to count how many friends I have who have gotten into heroin," said one user on the Roseville section of the website, Reddit.

"My best friend's brother used to be an addict," added another. "Had to move way up north just to finally get away from it." 

Roseville's police chief shared local crime stats at a council meeting earlier this year, which you can watch here. 

Check out the Press-Tribune story to read about the "normalization" of heroin and how the issue revolves around pills as well as needles. It's a gripping read that will leave you thinking. 

What should be done to help remedy this issue on a local level?

TheRealBigCouchPotato February 20, 2013 at 02:45 AM
The PT did do a good story on this and I congratulate you for referring readers to the story. I don't know what to do about the drug problems. It has gotten worse in Roseville. I would be interested in seeing what people have to say about this.


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