Roseville Medical Marijuana Growers Must Now Keep Crops Indoors

Violators will pay fines, restrictions could possibly ward off future potential crimes

Beginning today, anyone growing medical marijuana in Roseville will need to keep their crops under wraps.

The City of Roseville’s new medical marijuana outdoor cultivation ordinance goes into effect today.

The Roseville City Council passed the ordinance in June. The new restrictions are a result of complaints from neighbors about the marijuana's pungent odor.

“We wanted to give everybody a grace period so they could start harvesting everything, the stuff that they already have in the ground," said Dee Dee Gunther, Roseville’s police department spokesperson. "(Growers have known) Nov. 1 was a date that they needed to start making plans for, to bring those cultivations inside or start making other arrangements.” 

The new rules impact patients or authorized caregivers who grow marijuana for personal medical use.

Under the new rules, the city’s code inspectors will cite growers whose crops are visible or able to be smelled by neighbors or passerby.

Growers and property owners who violate the ordinance could be fined up to $500 a day if warnings to concede are not corrected, Gunther said.   

While the new restrictions stem from neighbor complaints about the plants' permeating smell, they could ward off the potential for future related crimes, Gunther confirmed. However, the new rules are not the result of any increase in crime related to the cultivations, she said.

Neighboring counties have seen crimes committed at homes with exposed medical marijuana gardens. In those cases, criminals have burglarized residences wanting to use or sell the marijuana for recreational purposes.

“So far people in Roseville have not had medical marijuana burglarized as far as we know,” said Gunther. “We’ve been fortunate so far. Certainly that’s one of the safety things you have to think about. But the main (concern) for Roseville, that was brought to the city council, was the odor.”

“The City's new ordinance treats outdoor cultivation of medical marijuana and other violations of the new ordinance as ‘public nuisances,’" she explained, stressing that violators will not be arrested.

She said violators will likely receive a warning from code enforcers before being given citations. City Spokesperson Megan MacPherson said code enforcement officers were unavailable to comment.

The public nuisance violations are administrative citations and their related fines are handled by the City Attorney's office, Gunther said.

Do you agree that medical marijuana should only be grown indoors? Why or why not. Tell us in the comment section below. 

West Michigan Relief November 03, 2012 at 06:40 PM
good thing for all the growers and patients is that STATE LAW TRUMPS LOCAL INITIATIVE LAW! The Michigan Marijuana Act of 2008 passed by a majority of voters in EVERY single one of the 83 counties specifically says that "No patient or caregiver should have his rights or privileges of using this new medicine fringed or ANY action taken against them as long as they doesn't violate a short list of Section 7 rules which includes; don't medicate in public property, don't smoke or possess on a school bus, in a jail, in a secondary school ect. In section 4 where it states specifically how the plants must be grown it merely says "enclosed on all 4 sides" which our State Court of Appeals AND Michigan Supreme Court (In people VS King have rulled as long as he would've had the top half of his enclosure covered with chainlink or greenhouse film (such as a dog pen he was using) that EVERYTHING would have been 100% legal and allowed AS BY the MMMA per the Supreme Court. How about some more recent readings of People Vs. King supreme courts opinion before making laws that have NO affect and are just intented on stiring up confusion and fake anger from other local residents which are actually in FULL support as long as their loved ones don't have to struggle with the horrible effects of cancer just a little longer; they've agreed to smelling an occasional "skunk" for the rest of their lives!
John Q. Public November 04, 2012 at 02:17 PM
I am sorry to say that this has to be one of the DUMBEST laws I have ever heard of. It is now MANDATORY that an ALL NATURAL PLANT has to be grown indoors ?? And all this because for 2-4 of the 52 weeks in a year, this ALL NATURAL PLANT gives off a bouquet of aroma that someone didn't like ?? THIS IS LUDICRIS !!! I personally dont like the smell of roses, does that mean that the city will make it mandatory that all roses are now grown indoors because I made a complaint to the city ??? I hardly think so. Tomato's give off an aroma when they are growing, why not ban them to only indoors as well ?? This is just another example of how the government want to control ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR LIFE !!
Michael Steiner March 09, 2014 at 05:50 PM
This law is definetly a step backwards for Roseville. I am shocked that this passed.


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