Roseville Students Answer: 'If I Were President'

From more Krispy Kreme shops to a three-day weekend, students at Quail Glen Elementary School in Roseville said what they would change if they were elected president.

President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney debated for the first time Wednesday night, but neither candidate proposed a new holiday or the world's biggest party.

Fourth-grade students in Amy Geyer's class at Quail Glen Elementary School in Roseville, in response to requests from Roseville Patch, submitted ideas for what they would do if they were president. The ideas ranged from serious proposals for helping schools to whimsical ideas only kids would propose.

"If I were elected president of the United States, the first thing I would do is make more Krispy Kreme shops. I would make more Krispy Kreme shops because I would want everyone in America to know how good they are. ... My dream is to have 1,000,000 Krispy Kreme shops in America," one student wrote.

"If I were elected president of the United States the first thing I would do is make a new weekend called Myday. I would make it Myday so every body has a chance to do unfinished homework, watch movies, eat and video games," another student wrote.

Other students touched on issues like animal cruelty and homelessness.

"If I were elected president of the United States, the first thing I would do is make a new law that if you are mean to animals, you will have a fine of $1,000,000. ... Another thing I would do is make a law that you cannot hunt wild animals, except for the ones that are used for meat like cows, chickens, turkeys, etc. because many animals are endangered because of hunting," a student wrote.

"If I were elected president of the United States, the first thing I would do is help the needy. I would do that because some people don't have a house or food or any kind of shelter and I would get them what they need," another wrote.

And of course, some students said less time in school is best.

"If I were elected president of the United States, the first thing I would do is lower the prices of all kids toys. I would like to have a half an hour long school. I want to do that because I would have more toys to play with if they were free. I would like to have less time in school because I could have more time to play with my free toys," one student wrote.

Read more of the responses from Geyer's class below:

“If I were elected president of the United States, the first thing I would do …”

“is make soccer seasons longer. I think they should be longer because they go by so fast. …”

“is I would make sure every kid has a toy. Next, I would give every kid a toy so they won’t be as sad. Lastly, I would make sure if they’re a boy or girl and make sure I gave them the right toy. In my opinion I think my choice is right.”

“is make rules fair and safe for everybody. I would make sure that everybody lives in a safe house. I would want to change the rule that you can ride your bike, scooter, skateboard or anything on school property. But you still have to wear a helmet.”

“is throw the world’s biggest party! It would have to be a private party and I would only invite my friends. Because about one million people in the White House, no way. … It would be kids only. With music from the walls/floor. Next, the theme would be Doctor Who!?!? It’s a British TV show, but I would have the main character Matt Smith come. Then 400 disco balls and lots of food/candy!”

“is write a new law that kids have to go to school to learn. Kids should not be home schooled because they don’t get socialized and kids won’t learn everything from their parents. …”

“If I were elected president of the United States, I would do many things. The most important thing I would do would be to invent a chest pad. A chest pad is a pad that protects your chest while you’re riding a bike, scooter, or anything else. It would be $19.99.”

“is enforce the rule of littering. Seriously do you think empty bottles, soda cans, paper bags and all that other stuff is good for the environment? I do not. …”

“is make smoking cigarettes illegal. I would make smoking and cigarettes illegal because when I come to see my sister in the mall working I always smell smoke and cigarettes on the ground and people smoking on the benches before I get in the Galleria, and sometimes the smoking makes me cough and also makes my nose stuffy. …”

“The first thing I would do if I was elected president of the United States, would be to give more money to schools so they could give a better education to kids that go to the schools. …”

“is help the poor. …”

“is make a law that there was no school. I would make it so there is no school because I don’t think you need to know all that math and stuff It is just extra work that you don’t need to know. …”

“is make a coin that has my face on it. … The coin would be a 20 cent coin. …”

“is lower the taxes. I would do this because I know people don’t like taxes. It also makes poor people go hungry. I do not want people to go hungry. …”

“is help improve the SPCA. I would help them find more homeless animals and more homes for all of the animals. I would every day have some people look for animals in need. …”

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Dana Santini October 05, 2012 at 04:46 AM
Great story Lauren! I loved reading all of the creative and well thought out answers. I think the whole class would make wonderful Presidents someday! :)


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